Community Engagement & Empowerment Programme (CEEP)

Community Engagement & Empowerment Programme Initiating and servicing of safe spaces for LGBTI people ¬†Initiating and mentoring LGBTI Support Groups and Community-Based Organisations Education and Training for LGBTI groups within the four focus areas of the organisation Supporting LGBTI groups to extend their networks Building community activism and advocacy through encouraging self-reliance and self-determination Creating […]

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Research, Advocacy & Policy (RAP) Programme

The Research, Advocacy and Policy (RAP) Programme aims to generate an accessible body of knowledge on LGBTI issues through community-based research that informs activism and advocacy. The programme also promotes the rights of LGBTI people by engaging in advocacy at local and national level aimed at transforming legislation, policies and practices of various state institutions […]

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Ingrid Lynch

Research, Advocacy and Policy Coordinator

Ingrid’s role includes designing and implementing advocacy programmes, commissioning, leading and/or conducting research that supports Triangle Project’s advocacy strategy and to track and comment on policy development relevant to the LGBTI community.

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Vision, mission and aims

Our Vision The development of a non-discriminatory society, where organisations such as Triangle Project are a choice and not a necessity Our Mission To contribute towards eradicating discrimination against and within the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, and to provide defined services to the LGBT community until they are no longer required. Our […]

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