Community empowerment

CEEP has programmes that are conducted to develop the individual holistically. These programmes may vary depending on the need of the group but there are those that are core. The following are the core programmes: Personal development Political Education/ Human rights Gender based violence Health issues and Health rights Organisational development We have different programmes […]

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Community engagement

CEEP assist LGBTI’s to initiate safe spaces in their communities. These safe spaces are space for the LGBTI group to come together share their pains, frustration, joys and endeavors. This is also a space to learn and grow as an individual person. Groups are encouraged to be part of any forums, networks, and social mobilization […]

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Community Engagement & Empowerment Programme (CEEP)

Community Engagement & Empowerment Programme Initiating and servicing of safe spaces for LGBTI people  Initiating and mentoring LGBTI Support Groups and Community-Based Organisations Education and Training for LGBTI groups within the four focus areas of the organisation Supporting LGBTI groups to extend their networks Building community activism and advocacy through encouraging self-reliance and self-determination Creating […]

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Sindiswa Thafeni

CEEP Manager and Senior Fieldworker

Sindiswa works with communities to establish safe space and is involved with the Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Programme (WELP).

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