Health and Support Services

Health and Support Services

Should you need support or someone to speak with …Don’t hesitate to contact our helpline on 021 712 6699 and a counsellor will call you back!

The main objective of the Health and Support Services (HSSP) is to ensure autonomous and self-assured LGBTI persons who engage in self care and are in control of their own mental, physical and emotional health and well-being and are able to live in, and with dignity.

The HSSP aims to contribute towards the mental, physical and emotional well being of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex people by providing quality health and support services to them, their families and dependents in a holistic manner that takes into account the full person (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual).

For more information on our Health and Support services please call Sharon or Heather on 021 686 1475.

Alternatively, you can email Sharon or Heather

Medical Services

General Medical Clinic:  Our wonderfully caring and experienced doctor runs a medical clinic most Tuesday evenings from 6pm. Some of the services offered at the clinic are HIV testing, STI testing, CD4 counts, blood pressure checks, blood glucose testing, cholesterol tests and general medical appointments.

HIV testing can be arranged during the day from Monday – Friday, by appointment.

Support Services

Support Groups:  Various support groups are run.  Please see which groups are currently running and contact us if you are interested in joining one of them.

Helpline:   Our helpline is staffed by experienced counsellors.  This service is available 7 days a week from 1pm – 9pm.  Phone the line and a counsellor will call you back, saving you the cost of the call.  Call us on 021 – 712 66 99 for advice or information.


We offer individual and couple counselling by experienced and skilled clinical psychologists and clinical social workers.

The process for accessing counselling:  Please phone Heather on 021 6861475 and make an appointment for an intake assessment.  You will then be allocated to a therapist.  Therapy takes place on weekdays only.

Our rates are on a sliding scale according to what you can afford if you earn over R2000 a month.

Remember our helpline operates between 13H00 – 21H00 seven days a week.  The contact number for the helpline is 021 712 66 99.  A counsellor will call you back so you don’t carry the cost of the call.

You are also welcome to email: if you need assistance.

HIV Positive Lesbian and Bi Women

Our communities can be lonely places for lesbians and bi women who are HIV positive.  When you are looking for support, you will find plenty of men’s groups but very few spaces exist for women.

What has often been experienced is the double stigma.  There is the unfortunate stigma that exists around being HIV positive and then being HIV positive and lesbian adds another dimension.  For this reason, a lot of women do not seek out support.

If you are interested in joining our group for HIV positive lesbians and bi women, please contact Heather or Sharon on 021 – 6861475 or e mail

If you or your partner wishes to speak to someone, you could use the above contact details.

Triangle Project also provide safer sex packs for women, which include dental dams, finger cots, femidoms and lube.

Trans Support Group

Our TG Support Group meets at Triangle Project’s premises. The group meets monthly, on a Saturdays at 13h30. We look forward  to seeing many of you there.

Here are the dates for the TG Support group for 2014:

8 March, 5 April, 3 May, 14 June, 12 July, 9 August, 6 September, 4 October, 1 November

Have you joined our library?

Some of the titles that may be of interest to you:

  • The Transgender Child
  • She’s Not There
  • She’s Not The Man I Married
  • True Selves: Understanding Trans sexualism – for Families, Friends, Co workers and Helping Professionals
  • Trans People In Love
  • Transgender Explained for Those Who Are Not

Young Men’s Group

If you are a gay or bi man who is between 18 – 30 and wish to be part of the group or would like to know more, please mail

A few titles in our library that may interest you:

  • Yes, I Am!
  • Now that I’m Out, What Do I Do
  • The New Gay Teenager
  • Coming Out, Coming Home

Parents of LGBTI’s

If you are a parent of an LGBTI person and have an interest in the group, you could call Heather or Sharon on (021)448-3812 or e-mail us on :

You are also most welcome to come in and see us or join our library.  Some titles that may interest you:

  • The New Gay Teenager
  • Gay Children Straight Parents
  • Jy Bly My Kind
  • The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander
  • How Homophobia Hurts Children

LGBTI Parents Group

Have you visited Baby Ventures

Baby Ventures is a wonderful Facebook page packed with information and personal accounts on the various options available to same-sex couples who are interested in starting a family.

Baby-ventures is the brainchild of Lisa Sonnekus, who after years of research, planning and trying to conceive, succeeded in making her dream of having a family a reality.

Through a maze of Internet searches and chat rooms, it became clear that there was a strong need for information relevant to same-sex parenting – from how to conceive or adopt, to all the legalities and logistics that come with this. Baby-ventures is an answer to this call and makes every effort to provide accurate and up-to-date information on a range of topics relating to same-sex parenting. The website is written by individuals who have a personal interest in this subject and who, in their spare time, have volunteered their services to act as missionaries to provide you with guidelines and information on starting a family in South Africa

The Baby-ventures Rainbow Family was launched in September 2006. We have been serving our community ever since with passion.

The Baby-ventures Rainbow Family company participated in the following events to promote the acceptance of family diversity:

During this time we held the first in SA History, Same Sex Parenting Seminar, launched Bedtime Stories, published many articles in SA Gay Pages, Wrapped, Elle, Pink Tongue and many more. We represented our community on television and radio. Research institutes knocked on our doors and we still provide them with much needed content and information to compile their studies.

Guest speaker at the SA National Fertility Sisters Conference where we were invited to speak about same-sex parenting. We also ran a campaign for the Wolmer Tree fund and raised money through our website over the Festive Season.

Our latest involvement is with the case against Home Affairs to fight discrimination for parents and parents to be. We give our time, our expertise and our resources.

Our mission during this has always been: RESPECT FOR FAMILY DIVERSITY = A BETTER TOMORROW.

Good Hope MCC is an inclusive and affirming church.  Click here for directions.

We have some great books in the library, among them are :

  • Families Like Mine: Children of Gay Parents Tell It Like It Is
  • Gay Parenting
  • Lesbian and Gay Parents and Their Children
  • Gay Dads: A Celebration of Fatherhood
  • Gay Parents/Straight Schools
  • Lesbian and Gay Families Speak Out

And For the Kids:

  • Uncle Bobby’s Wedding
  • Mom and Mum are Getting Married
  • Mommy, Mamma and Me
  • Daddy, Papa and Me
  • And Tango Makes Three
  • It’s OK To Be Different