Staff profiles

Javin Jagers

Administrator and Librarian

Javin is responsible for general library and administrative duties.

Leslie Liddell


Leslie has overall responsibility for the financial, human resources and program management of Triangle Project

Sharon Ludwig

Health and Support Services Manager

Sharon is responsible for the Health and Support Services Programme. This includes undertaking assessments, assigning clients to therapists, managing and coordinating the medical clinics, support groups, client assistance programme, the helpline, community counsellors, crisis interventions, victim support and the home based care programme.  The programme also undertakes training  on issues around gender/sexuality/sexual orientation and works with schools and or learners.

Heather Adonis

Health and Support Services Coordinator

Heather, who has been at Triangle for almost 18 years, is responsible for coordinating various health and support related activities.

Ingrid Lynch

Research, Advocacy and Policy Manager

Ingrid’s role includes designing and implementing advocacy programmes, with a focus on hate crimes and gender and sexual orientation based violence. She is also responsible for commissioning, leading and/or conducting research that supports Triangle Project’s advocacy strategy and which feeds back into service provision.

Further to this, Ingrid is responsible for disseminating research findings to key stakeholders and partners, organising public education and advocacy events such as roundtables, training and information sessions and providing technical assistance and training which assist in contributing to advocacy efforts related to LGBTI-specific health policies and practices.  An important aspect of her work is also to track and comment on policy development relevant to the LGBTI community.

Matthew Clayton

Research, Advocacy and Policy Coordinator

Matthew coordinates the overall activities in the Research, Advocacy and Policy Programme, including the RAP volunteers. He also contributes to conducting research and developing advocacy campaigns, monitoring and responding to parliamentary processes and other relevant policy and legislative developments, and developing related content for media publication, in order to facilitate sector involvement in research and advocacy.

Sindiswa Thafeni

CEEP Manager and Senior Fieldworker

Sindiswa works with communities to establish safe space as well as being involved with the Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Programme (WELP).

Mabhuti Mkangeli


Mabhuti works with communities to establish safe spaces as well as being involved in the Men’s Empowerment and Leadership Programme (MELP).

Busisiwe Majiki

Finance Administrator

Busi is responsible for the financial administration of the organisation.